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L'école à la maison


Has your child been feeling 'out of place' at school? Are they frustrated by having to sit still for too long, by not having enough time to play or to explore topics in their own way and at their own pace? Or perhaps they are bored and not interested in the way their lessons are being taught? 


Many children are anxious to ask for help when lacking comprehension in a foreign language, and can feel thrown in at the deep end.​

Knowing there are many other children wanting the teacher's attention, asking for help throughout the school day is a daunting prospect, as well as an impossible task for the teacher. Such situations often lead to children suffering from low self esteem that affects their potential in a traditional school setting.

Some children can feel uninspired by school if they are not achieving top grades and this can also affect their ability to forge friendships, and in some cases even result in humiliation or bullying.  We hope to have a solution to these problems at faire l'école buissonnière.


If you feel you have tried the traditional form of classroom education, and it isn't working for your child - we suggest the alternative of following the french curriculum in small groups (min. 4, max 8).  This allows children to experience the 'traditional' classroom model in a more positive way, giving them more attention and more bespoke learning, depending on their needs.

We provide: 

  • Lessons in French & English (online or in the outdoors)

  • Bespoke small group learning (4-8 children)

  • Nurturing their social skills

  • Bilingual teachers who can adapt the delivery of the lessons

  • French syllabus requirements

  • A deeper appreciation and understanding of the nature and protecting the environment

By combining traditional learning of the school syllabus at home in small groups, children can gain the same knowledge as in the classroom, they can also spend more time with us outdoors during the next academic year and build other skills and confidence. 


See your child develop their respect and understand of sustainability, working towards a healthier lifestyle, socially, physically and emotionally, provided by the nature in which they live. Qualities which we believe are hugely beneficial for their future success in this world.  


From September 2020 onwards, faire l'école buissonnière will be offering tutorials at home. Please email for more information.



As the Scandinavian expression says: "there is no such thing as bad weather but only bad clothing."  Experiential learning is part of our ethos, i.e being out in the woods or visiting our local urban areas. This is when and where their senses get actively stimulated.

Whether it is sunny, hot, warm, cold, rainy, a bit windy or snowy weather, spending time outdoors and learning from nature and the environment is our main practice.


Try to think of plants or flowers that thrive in alcaline and not acidic soil.  At a glance, both of these soils look the same - both are needed for the life of plants and flowers to grow. But one type of soil is adapted to their roots' needs, to grow strong and blossom, whilst the other is not.

Plants in a hostile soil won't be able to grow as strong as others, who have the correct type of soil or environment. Those living in earth less favorable to them, are given more challenges to overcome.

Given this analogy - now, think of children as being like plants and flowers. They are all unique and different, and not all thrive or respond in the same way to the same kind of environment.

All we want is to see children grow and blossom as much as possible, so they can enjoy achieving great and wonderful things, and see the fruit of their efforts.

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